Not all facial masks are created equal. CPK Shea's natural peppermint mask is just that... natural, without the peeling part.


Peppermint essential oil may stimulate pores, opening them so activated charcoal powder and kaolin clay can absorb toxins.Hazelnut, vitamin E, and tamanu oils may hydrate and moisturize dull dry skin while the jojoba beads exfoliate skin.


Lastly, the castile soap cleanses away dirt and build up from clogged pores. It's a wonderful package all in one container!


We use probiotics to keep our facial masks natural and perservative free.

Refrain from water getting inside the container.


How to use: With a gloved or clean hand, use finger tips to scoop out desired amount. Recap lid to advoid any water getting in container. Apply product on face advoiding the eyes and lips.

Peppermint essential oils may cause eyes to water slightly.

Leave on about 10-15 minutes or until dry.Use water to work mask into lather and rinse. Repeat as desired.


Ingredients: Unscented castile soap, hazelnut oil, tamanu oil, kaolin clay, activated charcoal powder, jojoba beads, peppermint essential oil, vitamin E oil, probiotics. We have two different types. Kaolin clay is for normal to dry skin and bentonite clay is for oily skin.

Peppermint Charcoal Facial Mask for Normal/Dry and Oily Skin 4.0 oz

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For All Skin Types and Ages!