CPK Shea Essential's Natural Shower Steamers are an alternative to Vicks except it doesn't contain harmful chemicals such as petroleum, laureth 7, lauryl alcohol, emulsifers, and poloxamer 124.


Our shower steamers may aid in the relieve of sinus congestion using natural means such as Menthol crystals and Eucalyptus Essential oil. No need to rub any sticky jelly on your body. All you'll need is the Shower Steamer, a few drops of water and steam from your shower. 


Our Steamers are nature friendly. As they fizz, releasing decongesting goodness, the harmless ingredients wash down the drain. No mess. How's that for natural? 


Choose either our 4 Pack Squares 2.8 oz or our 1 Pack 2.5oz.


Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, menthol, eucalyptus essential oil,
distilled water.

Directions: Place in dry area of SHOWER. Add a few drops of water to activate. 
Steamer will fizz. (similar to a bath bomb)  Break into pieces for later use. 


Do not ingest. FOR SHOWER USE ONLY! Do NOT use in tub water. 
Do not use with children under 6.

CAUTION for those with asthma and lung issues. 

DO NOT get in eyes or mouth. 

Shower Steamers 2.5 oz or 2.8 oz

Shower Steamer Selection

    For All Skin Types and Ages!