Shower steamers may have many useful benefits such as stress relief, congestion, recovery from exercise, improved circulation, and a means of relaxation!  

How to use: Take one steamer, place it on the far end of tub away from the water stream or on soap dish.
Sprinkle a few drops of water directly on steamer to activate.
Steamer works in conjunction with steam from shower.
Putting the shower steamer directly in the water will cause it to disintegrate quickly.

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, menthol crystals, eucalyptus essential oil.

Available as 6 for $12.00 in Eucalyptus Scent only. Shower Steam designs will vary. For ages 10 and older.

Shower Steamers (Eucalyptus scent for congestion) 6 pieces

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