The action plan of most people, for ridding their pimples, involves pricey chemical peels or perusing the shelves of local stores only to purchase chemically laced products that only do more harm than good. Though cosmetic industries claim to treat pimples by repeated application of these products, only to make your skin look dull and exacerbate many issues, black seed oil for pimples is effective and safe because it is packed with assorted nutrients that your skin needs.


CPK Shea Essential's Pimple Pen contains natural anti-inflammatory properties such as Black Seed ans Carrot Seed Oil that's designed to help with inflammed pimples naturally.


Black Seed Oil benefits in and outside the body: Anti-fungal Properties. May Help Reduce Allergies. For Acne Management. May Improve Fertility. Natural Diarrhea Treatment. Supports Heart Health. Anti-aging Properties .May Help Reduce Cancer Risk. Antibacterial Actions. Supports Healthy Hair Growth.


Carrot Seed Oil benefits: Improves skin health, may prevent and eliminate wrinkles, protects skin from sun damage, treats inflammatory conditions, antiseptic, guards aganst cancers, brightens dull skin, treats rosacea.



****Remember: Your diet, water intake, stress levels and hormones play an important part. Skin inflammation is uausally a sign there's something wrong inside the body. 



Directions: Wash face using a natural cleanser. Dry completely. Remove cap from pen. With clenan hands, roll ball over trouble spots or over entire face.  Used fingers to rub into skin. Use as desired. Best result use on cleansed skin. Do not ingest. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.        


Ingredients: Black seed oil, lavender, tea tree, ylang ylang,rosemary, carrot seed oil, frankincense essential oils. 

Pimple Pen with Black Seed Oil 1 oz

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For All Skin Types and Ages!