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Our 6 unique essential oil blend for 6 different purposes. Chill, Cognitive, Deep Breathe, Happy, Pick Me Up, and Wake up!

Our Nasal inhalers are made with the finest essential oil blends!

Purchase individually or bundle of 6!

Easy to use, easy to store, fit in your pocket, purse, gym bag and more!

Start by unscrewing the cap to your inhaler. Place inhaler near one nostril and slowly inhale. Switch to the other nostril and repeat!

Essentials oil ingredients may help the following:


•Lavender- calming, stress relief, treats fatigue, insomnia, regulates emotion, improves quality of sleep, reduces headaches/pressure.

•Rosemary- reduces stress, enhances mood, improves cognitive function, stress relief.

•Clarey Sage- lowers blood pressure.


•Lemongrass- enhances cognitive performance, memory, may relieve headaches.

•Lavender- boost memory, reduces brain fog.

Deep Breathe-

•Peppermint- treats cough/colds, reduces pain, loosens mucus in the lungs.

•Eucalyptus- loosens mucus, reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, cough suppressor.

•Camphor-helps breathing feel easier, reduces cough, relieve congestion.

•Oregano- boost immune system, improves respiratory.

•Tea Tree- relieves sinus pressure, anti: bacterial, fungal, viral.


•Lavender- calm, relaxes, improves focus.

•Lemon- reduces blood pressure, flights fatigue, increases focus.

•Ylang Ylang- relaxing, mood boosting properties, stress reliever.

Pick Me Up-

•Bergamot- relief for headaches, relieves stress/depression.

•Peppermint-combats fatigue, boost energy, concentration.

•Rosemary-lowers stress levels, well-being.

•Jasmine- improves mood, positive feelings, energy.

Wake Up-

•Camphor- stimulating and refreshing effect.

•Eucalyptus- opens airways for more oxygen.

•Peppermint- improves alertness, clears sinuses.

•Lemon- promotes alertness, mental clarity.

Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers


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