Here are some tips on how to use our products:   






Handmade Soaps: Our Soaps are all handmade and cut, each bar may be different.

·        For longest shelf life, store in cool, dry place until used. Once used, store on a well-draining soap dish   

away from running/standing water.

·        Use loofah/washcloth to maximize lather and minimize soap waste. Soap may sweat in hot/humid weather due to glycerin. This does not affect soap’s ability to clean.

·        Do not get in eyes. Soaps not tear free. White soda ash may occur on soap surface as result of sodium hydroxide interacting with oxygen, fragrance, or heating process. This does not affect soaps ability to clean.   

**Foot Scrubs: Preservative free- Do not introduce water into container:

·        Intended for feet, hands, knees or elbows. Wet the area. Apply small amount to area, massage in circular motion.

·        May use callus remover or pumice stone. Rinse and pat dry.

·        If showering, use caution while exiting.

·        Use within 6 months of opening. 

·        Food coloring should not stain bath tubs. Test inconspicuous area before use.

** Sugar Scrubs: Preservative free- Do not introduce water into container:

·        Apply Scrub onto wet skin anywhere desired. Gently massage then rinse.

·        Use care when exiting from bath tub.

·        Store in cool, dry place after use. Use within 6 months of opening.

Body Butters and Lotion Bars: Our Butters are oil based:

·        Rub into skin well until fully absorbed before coming into contact with clothing and furniture.

·        A small amount goes a long way.

·        Avoid placing in direct sunlight or heat. If product starts to liquefy, place in refrigerator for twenty minutes.

Soy Candles: Do not leave candles unattended. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Burn on a heat resistant level surface. Allow candle to cool completely before handling. Do not burn around flammable materials. Discontinue use once all of the wax is gone.

Lip Balms: Caution: Balms may melt in extreme heat. Leave upright in refrigerator for twenty minutes.

Shower Steamers: For ages 10 and older.

·        Place in shower/bathtub away from direct water stream.

·        Add a few drops of water to steamer to activate. Steam from shower will infuse with steamer oils.

·        Use one steamer per shower.

·        Steamer will disintegrate safely down the drain.

·        You may place steamer at eye level (if applicable).

·        Not meant for use in drawn baths due to high levels of essential oil and menthol used.  



Shaving Soap:

·        Wet shaving brush with water, use brush in circular motion on shaving soap. A foamy lather will appear.

·        Apply brush face and shave. Rinse brush after use. Allow to air dry.

·        Latch container between uses.

Beard Balms:  Product has natural oils. Do not place in pocket or high heated areas. If melting occurs, place in refrigerator for twenty minutes.

·        Use finger to lift small amount of balm. Place into hands. Allow to melt.

·        Once melted, apply to beard/moustache. Style as desired.

 Beard Oils: Use dropper, apply oil to hand, massage into beard/moustache. Style as desired.

Bath Bombs: Place Bath Bomb under running water when tub is halfway full. Swirl Bath Bomb until completely dissolved.

Natural Deodorants: Contains no Aluminum, Propylene glycol, Parabens, Triclosan or Phthalates. This product does not contain an antiperspirant. Sweating may occur. Keep away from heat and extreme temperatures.

**Soaking Salts: Preservative free- Pour desired amount in bath while water is running. Micas and food coloring should not stain the bath tub. Test inconspicuous area. Use caution entering and exiting the bath tub.

Facial scrubs/Cleansing grains:

·        Place small amount in hand or small bowl. Add drops water to create paste.

·        Apply paste to skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse off. Discard unused portion.

·        Use milk, Aloe, Avocado oil, Argan oil, and Almond sweet oil in place of water.

·        May add Essential oils to unscented cleansing grains. E/O's Bergamot, lemon, and lime are photosensitizing oils. Do not use in direct sunlight without sunscreen.

·        Perform spot test on the skin before use if allergy concerns. Essential oils have beneficial properties but may irritate skin.   

Bath Crystals:

·        Pour desired amount in the bath under running water. Water will change color depending amount used.

·        Use caution entering/exiting bath tub. Mica in bath crystals should not stain tub. Test inconspicuous area.

**Body Wash- Preservative free- Do not introduce water into container:

·        Use the desired amount on loofah or rag and lather. Use anywhere on body.

·        Store in a cool dry place between uses. Use within 6 months.


If  pregnant or have serious medical condition(s), consult physician before using essential oils. (Sensitive skin)Test small area of the skin before using. Discontinue use if allergic reaction or rash occurs. All items are for external use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our products are considered healthy alternatives. Please read ingredients carefully before use. Questions? Contact us! Like us on Facebook!!! @cpksheaessentials   Visit our Website @

For All Skin Types and Ages!