Want your items displayed in a store setting?  Join our....


Kourtney (court-knee) & Genesia (ja-neesh-a)

      (Sister Owners of CPK Shea Essentials)

The letters C.P.K stands for the first initials of our children.

 I worked in the medical field for five years. Over those five years, I took notice in the decline in many of my patient's health. Some had trouble losing weight, some had immune system issues, gut problems, hormone imbalances and annual additions to their already lengthy list of medications.

 I quickly realized this wasn't normal and began researching why. Many of our issues are caused from the food like substances that we consume, water we drink, house hold items, medications, stress, lack of sleep.

However, there was one area I would have never thought to look. Our skin. Since I'm not a doctor and have no interest in the restaurant business, I knew this was an area we could totally focused on.


What we put on our skin is just as important as what goes in.


 With skin being the largest organ our bodies have, it is shown to be quite absorbent. Almost everything we rub into it goes straight to our blood stream. We began researching the long un-pronounce-able names on the backs of popular brand name skin care products, and boy, were we surprised at the findings. 

This research paved the way, motivating my sister and I to create skin care products that contain no toxic chemicals, strong synthetic fragrances, or drying effects. We created a simple but healthy product line.


From 2015 to 2018 we did as many venues possible to help spread knowledge and provide products to those who were curious or seeking.  


With a fairly successful online store and venue market, our next goal was clear. One day we'd open a physical store, sell our products and continue to give information but on a grander scale. 


Those who have done venues know the back breaking task of unloading, setting up, selling, then packing up in hopes profit was made from the days venture. 

Those who have online stores understand how trying it is to get target customer's attention by creating a brand and convincing people they actually need it. 

We know there are other small business owners with the same ambitions of getting their product on a store shelf. We want to help fulfill those ambitions for those people. 

A little about us.

Why do consignment?

  • Gets your products on store shelves.

  • Helps build your brand. Gain exposure. 

  • Market your product without hassle. 

  • Give your existing customers the ability to buy your products without the wait. 


  • Earn new customers by simply having your items in a store setting.


Location, location, location!

CPK Shea Natural Skin Care

shop is located in Westland

20 minutes from Detroit.

Neighboring cities include:         Canton, Dearborn/Heights Garden City, Ypsilanti, Livonia, & Plymouth. 


We are located near Westland Mall, Target, Planet Fitness, Crunch Gym, Burlington Coat Factory, Petco, Bed Bath and Beyond, American's Best Eyeglasses, Metro PCS, Great Clips, On the Border, Panera Bread, Firehouse Subs, Applebees and Red Robin restaurants. 

 Let's face facts. There's no such thing as "chemical free." Everything is made of chemicals. Even humans. It's the toxic or synthetic chemicals CPK Shea Essentials chooses to avoid.


Some ingredients found in nature can be synthesized in a lab, with greater purity and stability, and more economically than the natural version.

An example is Vitamin C, which can be made in a lab (e.g. Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate), or delivered through plants, such as citrus fruits or rose hips.


The Ascorbic Acid that is made in a lab is biologically identical to the Ascorbic Acid found in a lemon. The only difference will be its purity.

CPK Shea Essentials goes as            Natural as possible.

To be consider for consignment you must NOT

have these ingredients in your products:


Sulfates (SLS), (SLA),


Benzoyl peroxide,



Mineral oil,


Artificial dyes or synthetic colors,  Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives, Polyethylene glycol (PEG),

Synthetic fragrances... just to name a few.

                       You must have:

  • Valid contact number

  • Valid email address 

  • PayPal or bank account

  • Active website (ie. wix, etsy, etc)

  • Social media page (i.e. Instagram, Facebook)

  • At least 6 months doing business (negotiable) 

  • Business insurance (recommended but not a must)

  • Business cards (optional)

  • Handmade products/items ONLY (if you added something to a product it is considered handmade. (doesn't have to be skin care products: purses, paintings, candles, crochet/knit, wood, ceramics. etc.

  • Labeled product with ingredients listed on product. Must look professional. (if applicable)


If you have all the above mentioned, please fill out the online application below. Once we review your form, we will contact you regardless if we accept or deny your application. Thank you. 

If you have ANY questions, please contact us here.


         We look forward to working with you!

What we consider "Natural."

Consignment options:

Pay Monthly:

Pay a monthly rent + fees for your space.

All money made from sales is yours.

Pay by Commission:

Pay 30% commission (+ fees) each sale. No monthly rent.

Cost:  Ranges from $15 to $200 for monthly renters for shelves and spaces. May vary depending on space needed. A cost sheet will be provided to applicants accepted.

Pictures of store and shelving units below. Click slide show to enhance pictures.


Let CPK Shea Essentials  buy your products at wholesale price. (certain products only. 



Bath bombs



(Nothing that may expire quickly)

* Fees include CPK Shea selling, advertisment, restocking, barcoding, accounts billable/payable.

*Monthly and Commission require a one time refundable deposit and signed contract.



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CPK Back Room

Peg Hook Slatwall/ 9 spaces Available 



Glass case with shelves/ loackable Available

3 tier Gondula/ 1st and 3rd shelf unavailable 

3 tier Gondula/ Available

3 tier Gondula/ bottom tier available

3 tier Gondula/ bottom tier available 

Large Oval Gondula with glass shelves/ unavailble

Multi wooden Bucket Display Unavailable 

Slatwall Shelves/ Available

Slatwall Shelves/ Available

Some Shelves/ still available

Long table/ Available

Store Shower Display

Front door/Windows






2 Nesting Tables/ unavailable

Some Shelves/ still available

Available   Spaces